Koan Box Thalo Blue-Green/Violet/Green, 2016-2018

Koan Box Permanent Green/Ultramarine Blue, Pale Blue-Green, 2011-2012

Koan Box Permanent Red Light. 2012-15 

Koan Box Cloud Blue/Green, 2015-2016

The Kōan Boxes are meditations on color: considerations of color amalgamation, contrast, relationship, and, at times, paradox. They also reflect the elusive nature of memory and time - for each may contain artifacts and objects, accumulated from my daily life, sealed inside. Thus the title “Kōan.” A kōan is a paradoxical statement used as a tool in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacies of logical thinking and provoke enlightenment. A kōan is often a question. The Japanese origin of the word is literally “matter for public thought.” The boxes are just that – they are a matter for consideration by the viewer - to which there is no correct answer or response, just as there is no ideal combination of color. The boxes are a ground for the infinite variety, possibility and associations of color. They may elicit contradictions in the way individual viewers relate to color - be it intellectual, emotional, intuitive or cultural. These varied or opposing responses and perceptions are a direct result of our inherent abilities edified, reinforced and refined by environmental learning and conditioning. “Zen teachers and practitioners insist that the meaning of a kōan can only be demonstrated in a live experience.” Thus, the viewer’s response in the moment is critical to recognize the paradox - the kōan.

Lawrence Fodor  2010

About the boxes...

For the past four or five years I have been using cigars boxes as palettes for the large paintings. I still embed in them items as varied as announcements from galleries I find interesting, notes, poems, photographs, articles, brochures from museums which I visit, travel documents, found objects I discover while walking, etc... Basically a document history of my time, my travels, thoughts, friends and events. They are sealed - time capsules never to be opened and mostly quite random. The arbitrary nature of the items inside the boxes are consistent with undirected aspect of using the boxes as palettes - with no intentional or conscious concerns of color relationships as they are used. Some may be used a number of times for different paintings, while others arrive at a “workable” state in a matter of weeks—when I will hang them on the wall to further their development to a completed painting. The Koan Boxes included in the exhibition “Without Gravity” were all used as palettes for this specific body of paintings.  

Lawrence Fodor  2014-18

All Koan Boxes are: oil, wax, alkyd resin and 12kt white or 23kt yellow gold on wood cigar box with found objects embedded, 10.5 x 8.25 x 2 inches - unless otherwise noted.

Koan Box Magenta/Alizarin Crimson/Red, 2013-2014

Koan Box Pale Green/Yellow/Red-Orange, 2013-2014,

Koan Box Ultramarine Blue/Grey-Green/White, 2013-2014

Koan Box Winter - Blue/Violet/Grey/White, 2013-2014

Koan Box Winter Sage VI, 2013-2014,

Koan Box Winter Sage I, II & III, 2013-2014,

Koan Box Yellow-Ochre/Ivory/Orange, 2013-2014,

Koan Box Ochre/Alizarin/Blue Grey, 2013-2015

Koan Box Thalo Blue-Green/Pink, 2013-2015,

Koan Box Raw Sienna/Yellow Ochre/Violet, 2013-2015

Koan Box Raw Sienna/Ochre/Alizarin, 2013-2015,

Koan Box White/Yellow/Green/Grey, 2016-17

Koan Box Permanent Green/Buff Titanium, 2013-2015

Koan Box Black Crescent, 2014-2016

2004 - current

Koan Box White/Pink/Yellow//Orange, 2016-17

Koan Box Ultramarine Blue/Green/Grey/White 2014-2016

Koan Box Sage Green/Blue-Green, 2014-2016

Koan Box Deep-Violet/Alizarin/Black, 2013-2016

Koan Box Yellow/Burnt Sienna/Grey, 2014-2016,

Koan Box Alizarin/Napthol Red, 2014-17

Koan Box Grey/Ultramarine Blue/Violet, 2013-2016

Koan Box Blue/Grey-Green/White, 2014-2015,

Koan Box Yellow/Green/Blue-Green/Crimson, 2014-2016,

Koan Box Ultramarine Violet/Blue-Violet/Ochre, 2016-2017

Koan Box Ultramarine Violet/Green, 2016-2017

Koan Box Cloud Blue/White, 2015-2016

Koan Box Cloud Yellow/Black/White, 2015-2016

Koan Box Alizarin/Orange/Paynes Grey, 2012-15

Koan Box Pink_Red_Ochre_Grey 2014-2017

Koan Box Ice Blue/Green, 2014-2016

Koan Box Cloud: White/Grey/Yellow, 2016-2017

Koan Box Grey/White/Permanent-Green, 2015-2017

Koan Box Yellow/Yellow-Orange/White, 2014-2016

Koan Box Green/Light-Green/Orange, 2014-2018

Koan Box Cadmium-Yellow/Cadmium-Green, 2016-2018

Koan Box Sap-Green/Thalo-Green/Violet, 2016-2018

Koan Box Raw-Sienna/Grey-Green/Pale-Yellow, 2013-2018

Koan Box Green/Ochre/Red, 2017-2018

Koan Box Pale-Green/Pink/Blue 2017-2018

Koan Box Sap-Green/Permanent-Green/Sienna, 2016-2018

Koan Box Pink/Grey/Blue-Green/Ultramarine Blue, 2015-2018

Koan Box Yellow/Raw-Sienna/Alizarin, 2016-2018

Koan Box Alizarin/Pink/Blue, 2017-2018

Koan Box White/Ultramarine Blue/Pale Blue-Green, 2015-218

Koan Box White Lavender/Peach/Green, 2015-2018

Koan Box Yellow-Orange/Thalo-Blue/White, 2015-2017

Koan Box GreenPink/Alizarin, 2017-2018

Koan Box Burnt-Sienna/Yellow-Ochre/Taupe 2015-2017

Koan Box Ultramarine-Blue/Sap-Green, 2015-2017

Koan Box Blue-Green/Ochre/Violet, 2015-2017

Koan Box Blue-Green/Blue/Red, 2015-2017

Koan Box Alizarin/Napthol-Red, 2016-2017

Koan Box Hansa Yellow/Burnt-Sienna, 2014-2017

Koan Box Cairn 1, 2012-2017

Koan Box Red/White/Green/Black-Crescent, 2014-2017

For acquisition inquiries please contact the studio: info@lawrencefodor.com

For acquisition inquiries please contact the studio: info@lawrencefodor.com